So who are We?

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Exam visuals

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measrement chart pic


Once again – in my face

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Life lesson 1:
Never change your plans for someone that you do not know enough to be important in your life.

Life lesson 2:
If you did, remember and again REMEMBER to not do this again!

I wonder how much thinking is really influencing

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I wonder how much thinking is really influencing the reality.


The cutest picture I’ve ever gotten!

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This is what people are dealing with in Mallorca.

Beaches, siestas and crabs

The cutest picture I’ve ever received!


Busy March

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DSCF7899 DSCF7905 DSCF7909 DSCF7911 DSCF7921 DSCF7922 DSCF7928 DSCF7935 DSCF7938 DSCF7949little Pic.1679 Pic.1680 Pic.1681 Pic.1696

March Starts!

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This month started by great GREAT moods and plans! In 25 days I will be in  Lithuania, then for few days I’m taking a plane and going to Spain! TAKE THAT HERNING!


February has ended ->>> DSCF7860 DSCF7875 Pic.1664 Pic.1671

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