Ri, beautiful!

February 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

Just aired new video Stay from her new album Unapologetic.

Look at that beautiful feelings.. I heard that the song was written for Chris Brown.. Therefore I believe the feelings are real and not much acting needed to be added.

Those looks… those moves… those sudden stops of singing… so painfully familiar. So beautifully conveyed..


December 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well, I know that ‘sex sells’// but this stuff.. I haven`t listened to all the songs of that new cd of Rihanna. But I`m about to download it. Omg, just like that you can catch yourself in this marketing strategy- it catches yo so quick. For example, now just for some closure, I turned on another song on youtube – ‘cockiness (Love It)’…wow. I don`t really imagine what the hell is she thinking.. but I can not say that the beat is bad… that`s the problem. I think I will re-listen songs on that cd.

and the thing is – how many soooongs have been created, but each of them is so different!

ghmmm.. I love music…



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Oh myy, oh my.. I love Rihanna.. yes. that sudden love just apearred 😀 PICTURES!

Love just LOVE those Pants!!!!! *

unbelievable Top!! And skirt, too.! It`s clever with pockets there!

J’aime bien la jupe!!!

Love that skirt!

And this…this is simply unbelievable!!! I love soo much that Jeacket! Combination of colours is PERFECT 4me.


Picture just for fun ;D Haa, “Girls Havin’ fun” 😀

This one seems to be so natural. That face in the move. I like it!




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…Rum bum bum bum rum bum bum bum rum bum bum bum
Man Down…


So, here I am, eating perfectly made pasta waiting for gossip girl to download-


…Oh mama mama mama
I just shot a man down
In central station
In front of a big ol crowd…


I`ve heard that today will be a bad day. Yes it is.. the storm is breaking through the window- the wind is like monster- (I`d love to upload a video of how one how the paper was dancing in the wind, but unfortunatelly my phone had no battery;/) We had just written a interpretation @class. (just came home).

… Cause now imma criminal criminal criminal
Oh lord oh mercy now I am a criminal
Man Down
Tell the judge please give me minimal
Run outa town none a dem cah see mi now…

And all day in my mind is that Rihanna`s song- And some other. But this in particular- Love the way she pronouce it!

Ouuu, yey! Gossip Girl is finally downloaded! Cya



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Finally – I`m blogging about today 😀 Sorry.. for.. uh, nevermind.

Today @deutch lesson we were lerning how to say what we are angry for/excited for.. And.. I had been written a sentence, what I`m angry for.. but unexpectedly teeacher asked, why I am happy/excited for.. I coulnd`t say a word, I said I don`t know.. Realy? I have sooo many thing to be happy for..but I couldn`t say a word.. uuh, weird.

Anyway.. After school I had a wonderful day- went to the material store, bought SOMETHING & came back to star – I`ll give you a Clue- what would that be.. even, NO. Just a thread colour –

In the metter of fact, today was not so cold, I even draw out my short coat. –


And the further photos will be of my newest jacket – It`s like from the music video of  “What`s Her Name” by  Rihanna & Drake.


I really adore…

November 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

I adore Rihanna`s new style! With that new CD she kind of changed her style. I don`t want to say that I hated that last one, frankly, I even liked it veeeery much! But it felt like she needs to change something! And so she did!

Red Hair, Cute, Romantic, Girly   style! Looove it!

It`s like.. We could just wonder what happened to the girl that was like this :


Because she`s like this now:

By the way, There`s new video clip of “What`s my name?„ feat Drake!

That look with light blue/grey (?) cardigan I really adore!!! But- that stripped jacket is cute too!!

Anyway- It looks like I`ve found some new songs to be played on repeat!

Xx, L

Song that drives me crazy

October 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Oh my. Today was a bussy one. Had to go to the material store farr far away, but if worked out just fine. Except one thing – didn`t found the thing that I was going to that store. A purse chain..ehh. I hope it will be alright with that silver one..

Okey. Now- watch the music video, and enjoy. (I love the clothes in the first scene)!!!**

Xx, L.

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