Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas from Copenhagen!

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Never imagined that Christmas abraod could be thaaaaat fun!


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A little preview from the last weekend. Didnt get photos yet! Wearing my new Shirt/dress and girl next to me is wearing LKLY.

More pics laterrrr


Tangerines and chocolate milk on sunday

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Party people never stop…Should we? I do not remmeber the last weekened we haven’t have fun so much! Every weekend = something’s happening. If not, the last minute something appears. Even though I told myself after this weekend there has to be a pause somewhere.. but screw that, there is a birthday party commin up next Friday!

Let me share some pictures from yesterday. Living in Hojskole doorms, being a student in Herning is not that bad, dude!@

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Valentine`s day party at Student House!

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More photos >here<


The party on Thursday

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^^^ PARTY TIME ^^^

Aaaand…the project is over.

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Despite the project being over.. happiness isn`t coming. Firstly, boyfriend went back home for two weeks. Secondly, there`s a exam coming up. Brrr..But acctuallt, I`m glad because now we have a free schedule until tuesday- exam day.

Well, I have some photos from everything, and everywhere. Friday party, stand construction, a walk around in Herning…

Pre-pre-party @Frederikke`s^^^

Going from the pre-party πŸ˜€

few photos from the party. Haa..others were not so clear, bright or whatever;D

Louise – our handy man! πŸ˜€

Man on the top!freezing me.

‘the coldest winter’ that we are having now. I saw -4C today in the morning.. brrr

and here`s what I`ve found today forΒ  really good price. H&M after all.. πŸ˜€ Whatever. It was so cheap, i couldn`t resist..

Okay, now that I shared some news I will go for a quick nap until girls come to *celebrate* the end of the project!

Have a nice evening.

Xx, L

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