Ruffles anyone? :P

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Remember the post .. . It took me more time to get to this little project on my own, than expected, but I finally did it.

DSCF8929DSCF8932DSCF8936DSCF8942 DSCF8938

Two dresses /2 days.

Super excited about the list I have prepared for myself.

Stay tuned and find out what else is on the list!

p.s. the next is either jumpsuit combination of palazzo pants and something creative for the top part OR trasparent rain coat for Roskilde.



I perceive myself….

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The ideal candidate would have:

  • multi-product experience in ladies wear, including soft, woven and tailoring
  • dynamic personality with  strong leadership skills
  • technical understanding of garment construction
  • attention to detail
  • a commercial eye for fashion
  • an understanding of factory  production
  • would be familiar with the pace and finish for this market
  • Ability to interpret from sketch into a commercial garment suited to each customers handwriting


As you read the description of the IDEAL candidate, you think “it’s me, it’s meeee you are looking for” and then BAMM! Work experience. Ohhh work experience…


Let’s start workin!

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After mindblowing exam hand in, after way too many episodes of Californication I think it’s time to get my sh*t together and start doing something else than almost nothing again. For myself this time…oh, I am forgetting one girl who wants a skirt. Yeah, right!
Have a good Sunday afternoon, people, and start Monday fresh and full of inspiration!

Busy March

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DSCF7899 DSCF7905 DSCF7909 DSCF7911 DSCF7921 DSCF7922 DSCF7928 DSCF7935 DSCF7938 DSCF7949little Pic.1679 Pic.1680 Pic.1681 Pic.1696

My workspace I love

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Long twisted mood and Ottis Redding. Friend of tonight.

Due to never ending chain of people in the Internet even in here I can not explain how bad do I feel. One says “go out, let’s have fun”, other…I feel like my mom is around: ” Control yourself.. if you would want not to think about that, you could”. But I really don’t feel like it’s my choise. People, remember break ups?

The time is passing so slow.


THE Coat

December 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s done! Managed- Third time would be perfect, I would change some little little things, but.. I think it turned out very well! Especially rememberrring my first coat….. DSCF7156 DSCF7157 DSCF7160 DSCF7162 DSCF7169 DSCF7183

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