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Today`s plan!

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Well, today I had a thought I will sew a bag or two…. But as I went to fabric shops to get the right zipper I couldn`t find any that would be perfect… And I believe I won`t in Lithuania…How hard is to sell zippers that has bigger/wider teeth ?? I think after lunch I will try to go again- maybe my perception will change… isn`t hard for you also to choose thing in the fabric shops??? It`s determined either by price or exclusivity..but then the price wins…

But let`s get back to bags – These are the inspirations for my future ones… Ooh, and I also wanted a FURRY ONE, but more for Winter, because it adds some kind of winter monster atmosphere…

This one is very interesting because of its finishig! The zipper i the midle of a strap! Beautiful! But the problem for people who wants one bag like this- is to find those little pieces of metals and so on…. and beautiful zippers!!!


(the black one) And this one is my all times favourite. Now that I have the plastic, I can not find the proper fur to use…. Great, just great….

AND! I think I want a skirt made out of fur! One friend emailed me the photo years ago…Isn`t it beautiful??


One Monday Evening

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Almost all day after the Conversation I felt like a hole in my left side of the chest..

Today I`ve learnt that in this kind of situation, You should fill the hole in your left heart with fresh Jazz..It was soo good. I felt it everywhere in my body. Especially, when the lady singer went up on stage. She was pregnant, and she sang so wonderffulllly!



Design Museum Denmark (Copenhagen)

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3. may 2012 – 23. september 2012

This week we were traveling a lot! here is one of the most great thing that we`ve seen!


post more soon!


Fragile beauty

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Delicate shades of ivory and nude offset a variation of blues and midnight, producing a sophisticated and poetic colour story.

Found on

Inspiration block

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ImageImageImagetiImageImageoImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Together with my 20th birthday we are getting a lot of inspiration for future projects! Good luck!


p.s. photos are taken from

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WordPress has just encouraged me

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” — Stephen King

I guess Stephen is (was) right, isn`t he?

It appeals to 2 things in my life right now:

1. Moving (in with my boyfriend)

2. Dying my hair dip-dye style.

What concerns the first thing, I know that I need to relax, because everything`s gonna be ok.

The second one, haa! I will start by lightening them up a little- by adding light endings. Or..maybe dark dark red ones?? Ghmm! That`s why I am affraid to take the wrong decision…

Nevertheless, there are many amazing photos of girls wearing dip-dye hairstyles!

Check it out!

This is just WOW! I would neve do that, but it`s a beautiful picture.I would do something more like this^^or this..

[Pictures have been taken from

Have a lovely Valentine`s Day tomorrow ;*


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