Ring a bell? Ruffle dress in progress

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THE Coat

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It’s done! Managed- Third time would be perfect, I would change some little little things, but.. I think it turned out very well! Especially rememberrring my first coat….. DSCF7156 DSCF7157 DSCF7160 DSCF7162 DSCF7169 DSCF7183

Preview: Sample of the Coat

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DSCF7142 DSCF7146 DSCF7149



First sample is done. Great thing is those samples: you can decide what you want to change without ruining another god ppiece of fabric or eracing the seams and re-sewing it. Even though the coat turned out ok, I have lots of changes to make: all written on the paper. I will hopefully be done with it by tomorrow. At least chanegs/patterns and shell of the coat. I have a dress to make aswell! Found out that That ruffle back detail is made a bit differently than I imagined: it’s ruffle patttern added to the seam. It seemed so seamless… Again here:





or maybe not that seamless, because we dont see anything..

Stay tuned, I will figure it out 😛


Menswear Project: Colour Card, Made up Concept and Inpsiration for Collection

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Colour Card Inspiration concept text copy Untitled-1

Inspiration details copy

CAD & dresses

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No projects in Teko? No problem, I have plenty and more on my own. One of them ^^ This is how looks the sceleton of a dress like this

Haa, but unfortunatelly it’s not for me. Making it as an order for a woman in Lithuania. The blue will be red and black will stay black.

This order is more exciting to work on, but I also have another one. Although, it is also interesting to work with… especially because I have been sewing that dress by patterns from Burda all the time, but now I have made them by myself, because it has to be adjusted to exact measurement of the woman’s body that will be wearing it. That is why I am constructing the basic patterns and then from them I am modelling the style that the dress has to be!


Chii, next week after sewing them we will see ohw my skills improoved after sewing them, hahaa

Keep tuned and see the dresses made!


Sexy is different

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I know sexy short shorts are so sexy and so on, but…. Instead of this:



I would much rather wear this:

Or this:::

I`m sorry I`m not the screaming ;sexy; person, but I know what I want, and I`m going there!

(Both for clothes and life;career)

well, not yet, but I`m on my way!


Sneek a Peek

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Almost there! Just sleeves left!

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