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November 6, 2012 § 5 Comments

Do you have a portfolio? Is it online or you are hand picking it?

I have just updated mine which is situated in (click)

If you don`t have an online portfolio, I believe nowadays it is essential  to  have it. Especially, because companies, that You are probably applying for internships or jobs are looking for creative yet INNOVATIVE people. Although the Internet is not so innovative anymore, but you can surprise them with exciting layout of portfolio online. Also, I believe Online Portfolio saves some time and space when you send Them an e-mail. “You can also look at my online portfolio” Doesn’t it sound good? I believe so!

Let`s have a look what perceive as 5 Great Online Portfolio Hostings Websites!

1. Carbonmade is one of the most popular portfolio hosting sites in all of Internetland.

2. Behance is a comprehensive portfolio tool that not only hosts your work but also helps you book future work.

3. PHOTOSHELTER. They claim to be one of the best in the business of Search Engine Optimization, social networking and blogging.

4.Contemporary, clean and creative, Dripbook made this list for all the right reasons.  Extremely hands on, Dripbook is there to guide you through the process of uploading and then promoting your work on a number of platforms.

5. You spend a lot of time and effort taking the best possible pictures.  Viewbook understands and appreciates that by displaying your work in the highest quality available.  They resize but not compress your images to ensure they look their best when viewed in Full-Screen mode.

Heyyy, but where’s Damn,  I have been working on wix so hard to create the perfect layout for myself. It is hard to imagine re doing all of it. But if you still do not have online portfolio, lucky you! You still have a chance to create your own!

Good luck, and check out mine for inspiration (maybe?



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