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We all imagine what`s Love. Probably most of us was in Love once or more times… were we? Have you ever asked yourself what`s Love? As Samantha from Sex and the City once said:  “Is a relationship saying his name fifty times more a day than my own? ” Just  “relationship” we could interpret Love? You would say Samantha does not know sh*t, but let`s think for a moment.

Over some time you start to care for the ‘other significant you’ more than for yourself. Forget to over do your nails, don`t have time for haircut and  personal stuff…Even though you`re probably thinking that “you don`t have to let this to this level”, but if you love someone, it somehow happens by itself, doesn`t it?

Recently I’ve learnt that being single is not that bad as I imagined at first (few weeks ago).

You can take care about yourself; others also, but just as much as you want. As Beyonce sing “I GOT ME, MYSELF AND I

So where`s the moral? Not to fall in love? (NOT possible…) Fall in love rationally? Well… there`s not “rationally” in Love… Can there be an answer at all.. We are all trapped by the same thing: you call it either Love or Life..



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