its just so..

October 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

I can not hide it anymore. And I never imagined I would ever feel this way… it seems like you feel nothing…but the pain has wrapped my heart all over. Do you know what  does it feel to break up with someone who you still love? And even do not know if it`s a break up or a pause that we/he/whatever wants?? I feel like in gossip girl, Chuck and Blair… sounds so silly, doesnt it? and it seems so romantic on the screen?? But Damn It! never want for it to happen to you…never.

We know we love each other, but appearently it`s not enough… So, hello Love lovers, love won`t save your f*cking world…

And well, as it`s for me… maybe I will get myself back and build up my confidence, and re-find my style

So, remember…there`s no churchin the wild…

and the pain ain`t cheap…had some experience yesterday when ordered stuff online-

look at the bride side, … is ther one?

aaah, suCKS



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