October 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sorry for not posting anything, but I`ve recently got a problem with my keyboard on my laptop :(( Some of the buttons does not work, and that`s making me so worried… But I still have hope for it, because one of best people I know who works with computer`s is on it! Wheee!

Despite the problem, I`m pretty happy about my last days in Lithuania! Shopping and hopping -got my driver license for 10years! Finally! Tomorrow- the last last visit at LTM Garments to take a photoof trousers named KARENA from D,EFECT (you will be able to see them next year, chichi 😛

So, last photograph, last lunch with dad! Then last cup of caramel macchiato in town! And packing packing paaaacking!

I arrived backto Lithuania with two, but now I believe I will need an extra one, just to pack all those fabrics that company gave me! Phewww

By the way! I`ve found lipsticks in amazing colours!!! They were cheap, though…after make up store bankrupted in our town, I dont see any nice colours anymore;/ Image

Also, started to love this song! 


I have to run now, because family will eat all the cake! ;D

Write back when in herning! Cheers!



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