September 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Have you ever wondered how fashion really looks like? Well, the really really early stage of product?

Wanna see,- here!

These are basic pattern calculations made in Excel document. Well, actually, first there is a table made with all formulas (and those charts are used to calculate if there`s a change in measurements.. but not for production. This is very very early stage when you start from nothing 🙂 (Just 3-4 numbers)

If you want to hear more about pattern design/constructor`s specialty, let me know! I can tell more!!


Some office looks from the week passed.. I fell back in love with my red jacket- So polyester, so red… but somehow it`s one of my fav right now! Oo, despite Topshop`s open cardigan with biiiiig falling lapels in the front..

(Don`t mind the board with all that stuff.. my room is already accupied by my ittle brother.. After all, it seeems I am a guest in my own home (ex-home maybe???)

The black one- saturday`s sporty outfit to go to big-far away-fabric shop by foot. THat was hell of a walk… 1,5h non-stop walking one way… But in the end, I`ve caught 50% of amazing fabrics! ((one of them is cooton of acid yellow. Marvellous! )))

and I know, I know, you might thik “Wtf those Nikes on her feet”, but I love them, its my thing. Let it go 🙂 And maybe because, or maybe not, I`ve bought those rubber boots :))) This is how they looked!

And today it`s FRIDAY,,haha I guess I will stay low tonight- Maybe sew a bag and name it after FRIDAY!

Okey, Friday people! See you arrrround



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