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September 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

“natural” photos of you taken by your friend behind the camera which you bought from your parents money…

This is how I feel about fashion blogging..

Sorry, it`s just my opinion. And today I`m pesimistic about life and I do not have to explain myself for that.

Nontheless, the INternship is going great! making PROTO sample patterns for A/W13 D.EFECT skirts, trousers, shorts.. and who knows what`s next 🙂

But lets come back on blogging- I am not saying it is bad. It`s just- do know feel, noticed  how the World is changing? It seems we are really dependant on electronical devices. So I was right finishing school with that thought on my arts exam after all…. (if You remember, I`ve done a suit with integrated mobile devices everywhere that it could be. Even a motherboard of a computer on the CB (Center back) of the jacket… and fingers out of USBs ;D

All those ‘smart phones’ and smart TVs (…)… I believe soon  we will forget that telephone was created to make phone calls. TVs for watching movies- maybe we will be able to teleport through it…

Whatever.. we will see that…

I`m going back to work:)



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