August 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Despite the fact that I loooove my internship, I really miss friends from TEKO. Looking forward to be back!But on the other hand, need to enjoy Lithuania as mcuh as I can… I could even state a problem here: HOW! It seems all friends (well, the ones that are left) are being too busy for you orrrr I work when they can that`s just perfect. I wonder, maybe I should not even be bothered by that and do my thing? Just because I love it. You know, when they (in the movies) say “You speak Prada?” or something, we in the office should say, “Oo, you speak Gerber?”. I can imagine how hard it should be to understand for people who doesnt know what`s that, but.. well.. I guess I can call it pattern designers’ joke:D

ALSO! You would never believe what I`ve seen in ZARA today! Well..for a second, I couldnt believe it either.. I think thay have copied D.EFECT`s AW11 shoes!! LOOK!Orrrr.. I`m so in love with them that everything with a wooden wedge seems to be the same:D

Below: a panorama from my sitting place in the office ;D


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