it is in Denmark…

June 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Lips’s & hand skin is dry again, chaos arround and inside. That is called stress I guess.. Can not concentrate too much anymore. I dont know whether it`s because summer has already started (although, no sing anymore of it in Denmark), or ‘error’ in my ‘system’… The most horrible feeling is that you want something.. but at that moment, or almost never, you can not figure out what it is…

Denmark, denmark..Hering… Twists like circle, day by day..  But I could say, that days are going fast.

I just feel a little scared about my final exam… if I dont have my brains back, I`m screwed.. Maybe too much cola?

Ohh.. I will try to figure it out, but for now, let`s apprecheate beauty ->>> If I will ever get married, I want this to be my engagement one! (Saw on



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