And the winner is….

April 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

MAKIE LAB! They are in a straight road to get an amazing pattern design student for an internship in London!

Even though only the assignment they will send is left, now I wonder, if this is what I really want.. I would really like to construct something that I would see on a catwalk.. and I am trying to say to myself that “life isn`t always what you want”, but maybe it is a nice opportunity to develop my skills in miniature way- become more precise and accurate-

  • Challenge myself
  • step out of my comfort zone? Isn`t it what they call for becoming more proffesional?

Mixed thoughts and feelings are running up and down in my body.. I think I will do it! I will go!..for now-> to the gym!


UPDATE 20/04/2012

No, they are not anymore.. After all those e-mails they decided that they won`t take interns as they are running out of the place for new hires.. WOW. So cool. well.. I still have the proposition to work on patterns remotely.. But it`s not an internship. This is what happens when you think that you reached what you`ve aimed for, and keep waiting for an assignment them to send you. They change your mind. You are left on the ice..

okey, so- even more enquiries will be sent! AH DAMN


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