The busy one..

April 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

When I woke up, I didnt expect the day turn out to be so great! (well..maybe it`s too strong to say great, maybe better “good”).

Ofcourse it started very slowly from the bed, but after morning coffee, the world seemed to be brighter. Until I got to school, and it turned out that the lectures have been cancelled due to illness… Well, I decided to print my business cards. After few hours of bullshit, I finally got them. But the cutting machine was so fucked up, I needed to cut them separetly by hand.. this is how they look. (it`s two of them in here). I will also add a seam somewhere in the white space- Furthermore, when I got back home, I finally got the package of my Nikey Nike things for gym and aerobics! FINALLY!

NEVERTHELESS! There was another surprice for me! One of the companies that I`ve applied for an internship replied. Unfortunatelly, they asked me to come to London for Trial day.. Well, s much as I would love to go, I don`t see that happening.. firstly, DENMARK, give me some Honey! (job, money…) I acctually found a flight on the first of July, its 400DKK there and back..but still.. how sillly of me it would be to do that? I don`t know..I`m a bit lost. Well, but I told them the situation- let`s hope for the best. By the way, the company is this one..

So, I will try to apply for more companies..


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