Talk like Carrie, Talk Laura!

April 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

I noticed one (i can not describe it in one adjective) thing… When you watch more than 3 episodes of Sex and the city almost in a row (in my case, it was 6…) you can not help but think in the same sencences that they talk, or Carrie writes her collumns..

Even me, when I was wachig the day off my face, I couldn`t help wonder… Can women have either career or a man. Or can we have it all??

(You see.. setences like she talks.. but totally defines my thinking… ) The cause of this thinking is my recent absence of doing some action in the career field. I know I could design and do a collection if they would give me a f***ing cube for inspiration.. But WHY it is so nothing to do in Herning. Thanks god, someone is talking about a fashion show at local Heart museum. That would be a highlight of our “fashio” Teko world.. ( I don`t mean it that Teko is bad, it`s the only thing that makes us doing something!) But otherwise.. more or less nothing… I think We* (me&one friend)  should really develop our idea about Teko Fashion week…

Have a nice start of working days tomorrow,


(I promise, it will be the last episode today.. just one more, ok)


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