March 4, 2012 § 3 Comments

an hour ago, while surfing in Sartorialist`s photo blog, I had a flash of thoughts..

After this photo appeared, I thought “wow, it seems cool” or whatever.. but then when you think where I would wear that? It`s so ‘noisy’ for everyday life, but too ‘little’ for going out,red carpet, whatever.. . I think widely known brands (most of them) are going for something”big”, “noisy”, with loads of details, and maybe as much as they don`t match, the more it`s ‘fashion’.. I believe, that I want to unchain people from all this mess.. make it practical, minimal, but still luxurious and glamorous. With few details that makes it special. Not too ‘loud’,but not too ‘silent’//

I think these times of crisis and similar global aspects that are happening will reflect our time fashion more and more. I hope that people will get tired of colourful prints and turn around to earth`y colours, black &while. Something pure. Pastel violet, cream white…

but it`s just my point of view:)



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