February 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have loads of news!

Nevertheless that 26th of May Kanye and Jay-z is comming to Herning to entertain us! I was so excited and was thinking about going..but then the adult mind interrupted my life…

I kind of can`t.- (here`s the best news ever) >>

I AM MOVING ON THURSDAY! To new, fresh, empty, spacious, light, big windows… place!

I figured I (we, chichi) will buy loud speakers and I will listen to Watch The Throne  through them 😛

Acctually, I can not imagine How I will fit my luggage.. I think I have things for twice luggage that I have. Luckily, I have a Man to help me!

Chichiii, I’m so excited!

Nevertheless! I finally said one of my future ideas out loud. I will finally use the fog of Denmark, that is sooo ennoying sometimes- I will use it for fashion- for one little project that I had in mind for a while now..

But after all.. today all day I was trying to do application letter for applying for internship- I succeed to remember basic commands in Illustrator (we had it just for 3days..and now it has passed few weeks that I haven’t used it..), and preliminary to do the application layout.. And I still don’t know if I should change it, or leave it and fill it up with text.. Untitled-1 next (<< this is an axample of it). What do you think??

And ofcourse while you are doing something relatively close to Internet, ofcourse browsing for something (…) is an inevitable thing.. Here`s what I`ve found in facebook in Zoey’s Deschanel post. Ofcourse I`ve tried that..and now I`m sittin with my big puffy bun!:D

Okey! That`s it I guess! I will upload some photos of the new apartment on Thrusday.. Wheeee! At last! at Last!



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