I couldn`t help but notice…

February 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

…What happened to the music world?? It seems now there are artists who set new boudaries, and those, who follow and..maybe copy them?! Even though I believe they could do better.. But I feel that they were so wrapped in all those super-hits that.. when they create a new song it acctually isn`t THAT new.. well- maybe the beat, dance moves.. but how about the lyrics?? For example- This song by Chris Brown – –

Now it seems that they don`t care anymore about the quality and originality more than money and how many times did it hit the radio… It is sad to hear that.. Remember when he was so cute, creating all those nice songs like “with you” or hip-hop’ish “Run It”.. or “Forever” ( I like ti very much)?

Ofcourse, I need to agree- the World has changed.. it became more sharp, more sex-appealing, more.. cold and aggressive ->> music became electronic as technology kept on evolving…

What`s next?


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