it`s not a mystery, but it`s a secret!

February 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today I`ve had planned in a different way than it turned out. While making breakfast, my neighbour gave up her seat in a car for going to the fabric shop. So I used the opportunity to establish my new wish. But this is what we`ve seen: ^^ (LAURA) 😀

But we were amazed by the colour palette that they have, and it`s just cotton.. they had amazing velvet fabrics:P

Oo, and the photo belowwww>> wow- the frozen Denmark :


When we came back, finally I got to TEKO to have some sewing time. But there I met friends –

it was going well, but with a lot ofinterruptions of laughing. 😀 And taking pictures… ahh, we still can not stop. Excitment isn`t going anywhere when you study your favourtie thing! And these pictures are connected with the title of the post- I won`t reveal what`s going to be out of these fabrics- soon you will see!

Aaah! im so excited!

and, ohh damn! How many ‘projects on my own’ I have now in my head! Even without those materials that I`ve seen in fabric shop!..and didin`t buy them. Yet. Haaa, i should have taken a picture.. that would be a Balmain style jacket- and stiff pleatted skirt..perfect for Eiffel town tour… 😉



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