January 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

As I woke up today, I already knew that it will be the day that I will have a lot of time for myself. For cleaning the room. For thinging and re-thinking.

Well, the biggest reason of all why I took decision to make my room super clean was because I was kinda avoiding to start learning for the exam. I know, I`m bad for that… But I told myself that results will be better if I will have  clean, not messy surroundings to study in.

As all the fabrics and zippers and everything is in their newbelonging places I can not NOT to think about sewing. sewing sewing sewwwwing… to make a variety of selections in Etsy.com to finally start some selling in Denamrk or Internationally<<< but I know that it`s not the time to be doing that… But I kept on thinking about money. How the bloggers get money. I googled it (as would anybody do in 21 century ;D)
yeah, I`ve found some possibilities.. On thing that I can not get out of my mind is the sentencew that I`ve read. Something about being honest while doing a review of a product.. It got me wonderring about honesty and honest are you with yourself..

Since I got to Denmark, I was telling myself that everything`s great here, and the college is great. Yes, it is for sure, but- it feels that life stops in here. Herning. its so small.. Should we be honest to ourselves and confess that the rythm of your life has decreesed, or keep living while looking through pink glasses??..



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