Despite ice falling from the sky…

December 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

…despite that, we are doing great!

Today was unbelievable active and great! After productive presentation in ManEco last lecture, we decided to go to the fabric shop in the city next to ours. Since one of us has a car, it`s not a problem anymore! We splitted the money for going there, because going by bus is just hilarious – 27kr one way – lol. I can cook chicken breasts for 3 for that price, haha.. not very sexy comparision 😀 Anyways- I`ve bought fabrics for two orders of skirts >>>

One is camel colour as it is here, in the picture.

Another one- girl asked to be “bordo” – dark red.

So today I`ve got the possibility to use TEKO`s pattern cutting tables, because after buying all stuff we came back to sew in D-building.

(dream place, isn`t it???) (‘workin’. Sorry for poor quaality, but.. that`s what camera I have now… )

OO! And Another material that I`ve bought !!!

This fabric.. Omg, I wanted, I was dreaming about something like that..and didn`t even look for it – it came to me, and as I said to my friend before, it seemed like it said: “Hello. Im fabulous. Buy me”. Something like that.. it was an accident that I`ve noticed that.. Bcause, once in some online shop I`ve found a dress which I was thinking about to have something like that for New Years Eve. So now- I will! Check it out !*wonder*

Despite that, that today was super awesome, yesterday was amazingly productive day also! Me &Karolina had done knitting assgnment. Well – almost done, but still – the best thing working in group is, that if you start- people who didnt – could be finishing your work, because they would love to take a peek into your info -especially when you`re doing the same samples of knitted fabrics! ANYWAY! Today I`ve finished my ankle-lenght pants. FINALLY! Now I am even wearing them. To be more precise- all day long, haha

Sorry for the messy room, but…it looks horrible when I am in creativity rush;D

So! I am happy to shares news, How about you??



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