Little moods for everyone

November 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

With this song I want to start this post.

So many things are happening that I don`t have acctual time to write about it!

Finally, the big project ofAuluna leather value chain is over. Glad to give it a rest.. and give myself some rest and not break my nerves over persons that aiiiiiiint like. Or tolerate..

Anyways- finally we have regular lectures- today was alllll day design. I wonder If I should scan some pictures of what we were doing?? Ohh, I can at least show you what kind of products I was sketching –This Michael Kors dress and ..>>And these GUCCI pants – found in (both of them)

And today @TEKO we had a little Clothing sale market- students were taking their clothing to sell. Bought really nice stuff and very cheap!


Topshop top. Love it! Looks awesome on me. (I`ve never had leopard print thing, haaha)Another VERO MODA, different colour- couldnt resist; DAnd this awesome jacket to my Jackets` collection! So happy for this one!!

So! Tomorrow we will finish our work week with whole day of knitting workshop. Afterwards hopefully Gluckwine in the evening and date

with …



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