When you realise that You are full of sh*t

October 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Since the morning till now I feel strange today.


I don`t know. I lost my happiness somewhere while going to college today even though we had design all day long..

And you know.. I realised my stereotypes aren`t gone anywhere. I have so much of them that I can not breath anymore.   Everywhere I turn, I see others, or myself in front of them, and.. I don`t feel like belong here or something. I am so super waiting for sewing to start. Like real sewing..not talking about it. After all, I came here to learn how to do it better.. Maybe I should have gone to ”professional school” or something. Omg, but then I`d  feel more like a looser.. Ahh, at least it`s college.

Yeah, and about the stereotypes.. ‘reputation’, the ‘look’. All those things combine and then you seem nothing to yourself. Sometimes. It`s that ‘some’ time.

For example. Now I live in the most talk-able and grose building in Herning. ‘Hojskole’. Some people talk that it`s haunted (I try to not to believe), others just hate this place. I didn`t hate it before I moved in. I don`t really hate it now either. But..this stereotype.. I just feel that people are looking to me and saying “”Ooh, she lives in that ugly building” which leads to a conclusion that I am being marginalized or something. Yes, it sounds ridiculous.. But how to prove myself that it`s not true?

and.. the same about the ‘look’ of the person.

and after all.. I think I am still very naive.. Need to looooose it. Ahh

So, if you have some ideas or something, how to lose it before I lose myself, You`re more than welcome to share!


Probably I will go to 2nd floor to talk with friend about image boards. BYEBYE


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