The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

October 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

I don`t remember exactly if I had write about this film, but.. If I did, I will do it again. Because I watched it again and.. realised that this movie is really one of the favourites. Maybe the One of favourites. I just feel that I can watch it again and again and don`t feel waisting time.

” After her much older husband forces a move to a suburban retirement community, Pippa Lee engages in a period of reflection and finds herself heading toward a quiet nervous breakdown. ” – this is how IMDb is presenting this film.

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This film is brilliant..
I can not fit into words how much I like it. It just sets this thoughtful mood for the whole day. I love it, really

This scene is almost my favourite. I don`t really know why, but sometimes I just randomly remember it on quet moments. This view is so calm and ‘safe’ somehow even though he have another life with someone.

If you haven`t seen this movie, I strongly recommend it to You! Very much!For me it`s almost 10/10


OOh! And by the way! This is the – – – th post of mine!


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