Candle light

October 13, 2011 § 3 Comments

All yesterday`s evening and half day of today we didn`t have electricity at our home. Appearently one girl (that should have paid) didn`t pay, so.. the company just turned it off.. Ha.Ha. >>NOT
I came back from school yesterday – it was about 7pm. The home was dark- sooo dark. Noone was there, acctually, but.. I tried to turn on the lights- it didn`t work. OOh, maybe the lamp is broken. *Going to my room* >>> “Omg, it`s not working, either.. “. Then I realised that there`s nooooo electricity.. That means, no hair dryer, no straigtener .. Today`s morning was osom;D “turn on the lights” meant light the candles all over the room. And bathroom. ;D And I had a pretty romantic morning with candles in the shower ;D

So the moral is- PAY FOR ELECTRICITY!!!



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