Morning, fellas

October 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

What is the best thing that you can do while eating breakfast? Watch your favourite series? Browse and cleanphotos from the desktop? Blog? -All of those are great! (At least for me) But I have no new series to watch and my desktop is so full that I am affraid just to start cleaning it ;D So I wondered – why not to blog!

Today I dreamt that I was with long black dress at some kind of party and one famous blogger was taking photos of me. I was super ‘into’ that thing. Posing, smiling, hating.. Wow.. I`d call it an expressive dream šŸ˜€ And.. kinda inspiring.. Though, I need inspiration to start studying right now – I have loads things to do -especially in Danish.. translate 9 or so pages “Sofie loves Summer”.. Ahh..
Oh, talking about school and stuff- next Saturday I will be moving to my next living place. It will be a small room in college dorm.. Haa.. That thing scares me a loooot, but after all – I would own a table on which I will be able to place my sewing machine, so this fact comforts me a little! No, a LOT! Nevertheless, we will still be aware of new possibilities of renting a house or big apartment.!

In that place that I will be livin – downstairs is three amazing things! A fire place, a fusball and a piano! I will try to remember those pieces that I was playing before 2-3years. But now I need to find the right ragtime notes.. But I am super excited about living there..despite that small room…… Anyway! Tomorrow we will have a faaabulous day! All day design classes! Soooo looking forward! (even though friends who already had those classes said “don`t hope too much”..Okay..)

Okay, I`m about to go to read something about Sofie who loves summer, and then some bizz class work & ..blablablaaa


And a little wake up call!


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