Windy day with rain spice

September 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Despite the weather- Denmark is very very attractive place to live! Safe, fun, when it needs to be- official.

Today, after working on our TEKO project, me and Jette went for a walk to second-hand shop to browse for fabrics. Cheap ones, haha (we haven`t found anything). Just after leaving that place sudden big wind and rain just surrounded us ;DDD It was sooo funny! Just running, screaming & trying to open my umbrella (which was broken afterwards;D).

In 7/11 we`ve found Karl Lagerfeld Cola. I haven`t seen this in myyyy country, so I was pretty excited!

After that!!! We went to hunt for shoes! I have seen somethin that was eye-catching. .. and it was even on sale!! Leather autumn boots!I`m sooo happy!!  And below are random photos from this/passed week
(another very rainy day. I ws trying to save hair fromt he rain ;DD)

Today. Bananasplit&raspberries milkshake after shoes` hunting

If I had time, I would tell you how amazing things are here! BUT! I need to practice  Danish little more.  Tomorrow we have a class. haaa, okey! have a nice evening! Godaften!



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