Paranormal-not Normal activity

July 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

No, nothing happened like in that movie, but I feel I am going crazy about all the stuff that is happening & WILL happen. I have in mind- moving to Denmark. This fact is 100% inevitable ( surely I even don`t want it to be avoidable). But! (there`s always at least one ‘but’). I am fully stresssed out! And when more things gather together in my head, I feel I`m about to blow.. For example, now – for about a hour I was searching for shopping malls @Berlin (I`ll be going by bus to Denmark with my fellas). I went nearly crazy about it. I memorised most of the streets that holds stores.. I mean, who does that? And my recent work in the garden DRIVES me nuts! I`ve been working there for a few days now. I thought it`ll be done until today. But at least 2 days are left to do all the work that`s need. Oh my! With my every word – the sky is getting darker and darker! There`ll be a storm, I guess.. I had just saw a lightning! and the flies are flying near the window so close, most of them sittin on the other side of my windowwww.. Anyway. I have to make a call about the job. So – have a nice day.
Xx, L


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