MAD about Elie SAAB!

June 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

I can`t not to adore most of his dresses! I just can`t.

They are just wonderful! Magnifique!

I can`t wait to post some pictures (from from the 2011  Fall RTV collection

The first one I saw a couple of days earlierin the Lithuanian magazine. There was an article about big event… Cannes or something, can`t remember, so. I saw the Dress on Sarah Jessica Parker and I said to myself: “That`s kind of dress I want for my Prom night!” Desspite the fast that I`ll be heated from the weather with this dress, I wouldn`t mind wearing it! Here it is:

(photos from and

And there were another ones that I liked, but not for Prom.

This one`s top is nicely shaped!Thiis one – is beautiful by itself!

I love something about this design. But I`d prefer mini –

Take a notice of those shoulders! How well designed! Oohh.. That`s why I`ll be working in pattern design. I love this kind of understanding of beautiful. I`ll be making my owwwn designs on day!

I love the top of this outfit!

Perfect for classic-casual going out!

Love the V neck. I`ve caught myself thinking: “Oh my, I wonder what`s the patterns for this top. The V and dart above the breasts”.

Oh, I adored this ‘thought’ of Elie Saab. That dress, made of flower (on Sarah) was made by the same priciple. This one is more glamour and out-going in official way. And the last one but not the worse wa this jumpsuit (?) in a classical way. Ha.. but if you wanted to make it more casual- just change the material. Oh my.. I love this outfit. I can imagine the Summer in it! (just another colour maybe)/

So, see you tomorrow morning. I am tired from finished work today. I`ll upload some funny photos..


sleep thight!


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