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During these few days in Stockholm,  I`ve experienced and noticed a few more or less funny things. First of all, while walking through the city I`ve noticed one weird trend on women of Stockholm. Many of them were walking with a little cardigan with buttons and one of the button was always fastened.. Hmm.. Is it because of conservatism? Or something else?

Ooh, another things that happened is funny ;D Yesterday in metro we saw a black-skinned young boy (~11 years old) bang his head into the window of metro vagon… He was trying to insult or something one ‘white’ girl that sat next to us. We were shocked of that behaviour.. anyway.. The funniest thing was when we stopped for a drink in the middle of the bridge and while my boyfriend was taking a sip, one guy on the bike rode through… He was singing. But in ‘opera’ way : DDD We were laughing afterwards ;D I know that it`s not bad and kind of ‘normal’ in Swedish way, but still. ;D

Today is shopping day and I am very excited! We`re going to “Gallerian” shopping mal. There is almost everything!

Yesterday we were watching Eurovision. With delicious vine and other things-  : ))

So, we`r going..



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