High level of happiness or something

May 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Good Morning!

After very inspiring and exciting night I am awake. Happy & full of ideas! I don`t know what the hell had happened to me : D

After I woke up, I felt my stomack sore from not having food in it. But that sore was kind of pleasant. I decided to do a ‘orgamism dischange day’ if I am naming it right. Anyway. I noticed a bananna in the kitchen, so this will be my breakfast. AND! I`ve tried another one of those teas! “Summer Bouqeut”. Delicious!

And here`re recent week`s looks.. That I forgot to publish, chiciii..

This is how I look when I have lots of work! Messy, with thousands of things in bag and in my arms..

And this is..Ooh! This is Monday!:D Haha, so sleepy eyes. Funny.

And nowadays, when the weather usually get rainy, I am wearing MNG rain coat. It is warm enough. And BIK BOK scarf that my mom wants to steal from me ;D Because it is so beautiful!

Heh, anyway. I am going to finish pants and watch maybe a next episode of Ugly betty. 😀

Have a nice day!


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