May 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

I`m still  awake. Just watched  two series of Ugly Betty S04 (E10&11). It is kind of inspiring since no other series aren`t aired. After all, it is mainly about fashion world, but there`s no vanity. That series have a soul. Anyway, I am waiting for a series that Betty will be without those things on her teeth. I accidentally saw it on FoxLife. Anyway, enough about that.

The strangest thing happened to me today. First -@Dad`s, secondly at home. I got inspired by the fabulous tea that dad gave me. It`s Greenfield tea. I`ve drunk the one that was called “Mango Delight”. It was amazing. But recently, I`ve tried “Spring Melody”. It was exciting! Very different tea.. I can`t explain it! And with this inspiration and Kanye West`s new CD I`ve done a hell of the work! Pants are almost done. (They`re for the arts credit). I think I will be done by tomorrow. What will be left is try-out on the model. AAah, I am so happy. But.. I should go to the bed, because tomorrow is a day that`s full of fabulous events!

Okey. I need to stop this midnight madness .. : D




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