Tribute to Alexander McQueen!

April 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

On my way to Klaipeda couple of days ago I was leafing L`oficiel Lithuania. In a section about Fashion Weeks I`ve found pictures of F/W 2011 McQueen collection. I found it very interesting and rare. Especially, when the original author isn`t there*. I admire the taste and will that Sarah Burton is giving to these creations. Let`s see some of my favorite pieces.

This one is absolutelly fantastic!! J`adore!

This one drew my attention for it`s top-  Beautiful texture!!

This one has a interesting texture too, but it is also a very beautiful. As it is a original and unique dress, I would separate top and bottom and match with different designs. Like, if I`d take this bottom so I`d go with feminine and round shaped corset (same material or maybe tougher), and If I`d take the top from this design, I`d make maybe a floating satin or silk bottom from like long leaves or something. But who am I to judge this. It`s fabulous creation! (although, I have my opinion)

This dress`s desing remind my of a sofa. But it`s not in a bad way. Actually, I love the idea! It makes it kind of cozy but from those strings you could say that  you are trapped somehow in it! It won`t let you go. It`s fabulous!

Now, I am searching for Thierry  Mugler Designs, but in I can`t find anything near the section of F/W 2011…

UPDATED: Here, You could explore the world of…interest.>>

I`ll keep trying.


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