Hot days

April 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

Warm weather atlast!

We can wear less clothes now and enjoy this pleasant weather!Unfortunatelly but in other way *fortune* I have to stay inn mostly, because I have loads of orders to do – I`ve just sold a dark blue ‘doll’ dress (as I call it, because it is so sweet & cute!), and I am going to cut patterns of another one that style today, then- 3 skirts- black, orange & deep red. and then I have to make lady gaga`ish black jacket on time to present @ 2nd art credit. Oh! I`ve  just remembered! I do not have to make it, just start! yeey. It`s wonderfull!

Anyway, since I had some difficulties sewing very delicate material, I decided to do a tutorial. Because everything is possible if you are motivated enough! So, lets begin-

If you have a hardly manageable material, you should use…

..stuff that is with glue. I don`t know how it is called in English in general (interfacing). It`s like ‘adhesive’ or smthng. Material that needs to be ironed and that way it could attach to the main material.


So the  unravelled threads are glued. Then-

You need to crop them off-

And voilà ! You have a harder material with no unreavelled threads that is ready to be sewn!

I`ve done a ribbon from it-

This is that ‘Doll’ dress.

<<This is my outfit today >>

I noticed that everyone in my falimy likes black coats.. They were so beautifully hung on the separate lugs..

Okey, I have to run now. Have a great day ;))



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