How am I doing?

April 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

While drinkin my breakfast coffee I will do a quick post –

Yesterday`s photos  perfectly reflects how much fun we had;D And..blood.. 😀 Anyways- the process is doing slowly and I am so stressed;/ I know I had to start earlier, but..if I haven`t so it mean I couldn`t, no? UUhm, at least, I think so..

The most stressful thing is that my mind is literally somewhere else.. I don`t know if the blame going to the spring or smthning, but.. While I`m in the classes – I am worrying about the project. When I come back home.. The stress becomes something helpless.. it troubles me all the time..I can`t even brace myself together.. OOhh.. I wish it would end quicker! the thing is… the final exams is coming and before that -English &native language (Lithuanian) credits// “Talking’, you know?? .. Anyway – Wish you a free and relaxing day, Enjoy the photos!

This is how she makde her finger blooodyyyy! 😀


And here are some photos from sunday

Don`t mind the mess.. During these working room looks terrible. ; /

Okey, I got to run!



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