Absolutely Fhhhuntastic*

March 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Days are running faster and faster… I feel like my school things are being left to the background;/ I know it`s not right, but.. What should I do when my passion is taking over? I mean, I am sure that I will pass the exams, but..is it very important How, if I will be studying @Denmark. I`m talking about Lithuanian exam. Oh, but I have to pass it. It`s tough.. It`s one of the toughest exams at all! But I believe it will be a history few months later.. After all that madness I would love to take few weeks in a sunny country.. Lay on the sand by the water- be carring by the Sun.. oh, Laura, enough. Focus! okey.. I`d better get going.. a tough day is apearring tomorrow- Going to the classes at 8:45am. . Oh my.. How early I have to get up?? I don`t even want to think about that… Anyways- But after that- Fashion Infection. That Fashion thing.. 3days of heaven, 3days of being surrounded by people who talks fashion- OKey. I have to go.. now!





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