|The most sunny day in a while!|

March 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today was realy good. After 2classes which started as 4th class (10:50am) I went to see my dad. We ate WOK to WALK nuddles- that was delicious! And then I went to see a girl who whated to buy my jacket. It fittedwell so she bought it. Yey! Anyway, I took some pgotos of the city which was drawning in sunlight!

At that moment I dreamt having a pro camera. Oooh;/

Ant here`s my outift today-

and earrings that I`ve worn today.

And finally, Tickets to “Mados infekcija” 2011  (“Fashion injection”). I have all of them, already. The event is taking place next weekend in one of the most modern places in Vilnius. Art Gallery “ŠMC”.

Okey. I have to go now, prepare material for sewing a coat and start history ‘art thing’.



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