We gathered here..

March 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

..to overlook the 2011 Fall  collections-

As I was browsing and looking at Fall collections of Moschino, MIU MIU, Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Roberto Cavalli, PRADA, 3.1 Phillipi Lim &Gucci I was either surprised or dashed.. There were Things I liked &also were those which I wouldn`t wore.. I`ll introduce You with  some things that I loved!


Even yesterday I had saved some beautiful shots of PRADA`s Fall..

p.s. What`s wrong with eyes? : D

This one is so fabulous that I can`t breath!!^^

This Collection isn`t attractive for me, but these looks I adore!



Speaking about attraction- I loved 3.1 Phillip Lim simplicity& beautiful minimalism! Check this out.

This is absolutelly fantastic and my favourite dress in a while! You could say it`s soo simple and..something, but I`d worn it to the prom!

Secondly, (this look maybe do not reveal the point I want to express, but..) I liked the combination of blue and brown! Loved it! And the way materials are chaffering!

Love that particular colour, but the design isn`t close to me-

Nice pants, huh?

Like that silhouette & pants (lenght)!

Guess who`s next?>

Expressive colours continueing from the spring.. who it is??

YES! It Is Gucci! Colourful and playful! The most beautifull collection of all for Me! I am going crazy for all that colourful sets, that I will show you in a second!

I could kill for these! I`m planning to have something like that for the prom! I simply love the looks! Wouldn`t it be ‘too much’ for the Prom? What do You think?

-colours! ❤



Love the looks, but hate those socks…I simply don`t imagine what about could designer think about when adding this detail to his looks.. blaah! (I`m not agains socks+heels, but this version is making me puke..)



(youth line of Dole&Gabbana as I understand?)

Recently I`ve cought myself wanting a grey coat. really really much! In a short time I`ll be sewing one!

When I was pressing the next button @elle.com, I stopped making that when captured this look. I didn`t imagined that even shirt will be so fabulous in some kind of strange way. But I like it! Don`t you? But the main thing why I stared at this photo is that cardigan! It is so simple, but looks so great! I want one!!


I`ve cought mysef adoring those dresses of Calvin Klein`s collection-

In this photo we can see the facture of material which is so amazing! Stiff enough, but flapping at the same time & not too slight!


Fabulous, isn`t it?

Simple & adorable!

So Moschino! I can feel the irony in the air..


The only thing I`ve found interesting for me- This is attractive material, isn`t it?


This is the most attractive casual look ever! Love the shapes, expressiveness, lightness mixed with anger and those shoulders! Aah, J`adore, Vera!

Nevertheless, I like this looks either. It is close to my wanna-be style.!

At the end, I would like to make a confrontation. Check out the Roberto Cavalli 2011 Fall.. I mean, I could`nt be more specific about what I think about that collection.. it is sooo overloaded.. and it`s like you`ve bought some stuff from the market/bazaar.. I don`t want to be mean, it`s only my opinion.

Photos are taken from elle.com

OK, I feel I`ve blown off my steam. I hope you liked my comments, and now I`m going to watch episode of Pretty Little Liars.




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