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March 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sorry for not being online for a whole weekend. I promise I make it up to You.

But.. the way I feel now is fully reflected in this picture.. Just like that.

Anyway. I have some photos from Saturday:) )After that english test that I was telling about. We went to the bar called Brandy Lounge. It was a real pleasure! Had a few cosmos & felt relaxed after tough week of school works and stuf..

This was my outside outfit on saturday:

I love that coat. It`s without sleeves. And it matched with anything!

For the end- some random photos! (Im sooo sad that I didn`t take photos while we were in the bar!)

My lovely friends: Kotryna in the left& Neringa (a.k.a Neri) in the right!

Walking home with a pack of nacho cheese balls in Kotryna`s hand! That was delicious! and SO FUNNY!:D

She is an angel.. or maybe a desperate (for seeking summer) houseviwe?

Anyways, she had blueberries ❤ and cherries!

Funny Kortyna **

Eatin` magic!

Kotryna definatelly liked my nails, as we can see;D**

After we laughed almost an hour I went home.. home…

In the morning I was drawn (by my boyfriend) ;D Check this out : DD

In the beginning I was like this –

Then I had bought shoes-

He bought me Chanel ;D

Finally, I had been dressed up!

Got my car and my dog. : D In Palm Springs ;D

Okey, enough of silly stuff, I have to go.. lots of works are pressing my brains out;/



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