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When I first saw Viktor&rolf spring collection in 2010 I suddenly fell in love. The same way I feel now. Again. Not only for spring collection, which is beautiful, but also for pre-fall 2011.

The inspirational things that I`ve seen in Spring`11:

I love those shorts! Wearing them in summer would be wonderful! Maybe I should sew pair of these.

Speaking of summer, I`d love to wear that jumpsuit alone – without any other details. And maybe with smaller belt – and different colour. But shoes is so right here!

Altough, I can`t believe this interpretation of simple shirts/tunic. that long edge is looking so interesting!

When talking about the evening/night out wear, we have this interesting collision of sequins and cute shirt-inflated. Even though, I`d say on girl with more like white skin it would be looking better.

I like this idea, not this dress I would say.


This is one of the best model of all this collection for me. I love this extravagant choice for shirts. it could be worn like a formal or just sprunce clothing.

When I look at these, I can`t think of anything else but Prom! It`s a good idea how to be dressed for the Prom Night/ maybemore  for official part of Prom!

These two fascinated me the most. Only because I love those sharp forms and the ridigity of material. It looks like it was made out of paper! J`adore!!!

You can see more on this website.


We can see  beautiful, personable collection of pre-fall 2011.

It astonished me with the choise which was, as I understood, varations of formal/classic look, but improved! Nowadays I had been more and more engrossed in formal, usually black and some other colours look. The main thing- black jacket. So, this pre-fall collection is all about that style. Self-confident and strong woman image.

Here`s what I liked the most:

I really like this coat, but Im concerned how that collar  would be looking from the front. But, As it is photographed- it looks amazing!@

This look got my attention because of colours. A little bit dirty white, with delicate red and chocolate brown looks really great!

A dress or a coat? Eitherway, it looks Fabulous!Simple, but especially good choice of the all look. Boots are gorgeus!!!

You could see more on Elle.com.

I have to go now. Wish your a succesful Saturday night and Goodbye!





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