Today, gonna be the day.. .

February 9, 2011 § Leave a comment


I let myself sleep untill almost last minute, but here I am – blogging. I had some extra time.

Beautiful morning is rising @ours, but the wind is still a little bit crazy. Today I have to send a package (girl bought from me pink jacket- bye bye, pinkie). So, I hope, I will not be a Mary Poppins with an umbrella


Today`s outfit – original jacket – its like formal, but wilh sweatsuit`s elements- I`ll show later- Zara t-shirt, pants made by me & my lovely warm Bronx. That 2nd photo I find very funny..its like, oh my.. why my boot is not booting up? And at the same time face is trying to be normal..oh, never mind, I still need a few hours to sleep to speak normal 😀

Okey, I have to go! Oh, and the sun came out! Oh my…I`m grabbing my sunglasses and bouncing to school! Byee


Before I go – promo of my 100th day after dress!


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