Spreading Unknown

February 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

I`ll stat with a study fair! That was incredible. I got to talk with a representative of my dream college TEKO (from  Denmark). We spoke after representation (I don`t really know what for I was attending in, because I`ve known almost everything I needed. But I had some specific questions that had to be answered. So I had – everything is just unreal! I am 99% sure that I will get in! In fact, Lise (representative woman) said that it`d be wonderful for them me to come because it a deficit of people like me, who can sew and has the will to do that. So.. I had been given sooo much courage&trust after that talk with her. She even told the main person of the organisation which through I`m applying at “Make shure, this girl gets in!”. By the way, she is fantastic person as well! I liked her so much! Oh, and I`ve said that I`m not confident enough of my english skills, she ensured me that it isn`t bad, even good! So..I was pleased to hear that!

Me-and my friends @studies` fair –

Apart of that, we`ve waited for a runway show of one of Vilnius Art Academy (VDA in Lithuanian). I`ve taken some photos!

I don`t mean to be rude, but.. I have to say something – before the show, the woman with microphone said that we will see models of Bachelor 3rd semester and Master course  students’. And most of them..are, sorry, but worthless.. I mean – even  I could do that and I`m not even in the college yet. So, i was a little bit dissapointed.

and then came – the designers –

After all that we went to have a bit @restourant and then home.. Ohh..But the weather was soo wet and cold- I came back home with all wet curly  hair& dirty shoes-

This is what we were going through that day – Friday

You can see – the was a blizzard.

Xx, L.




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