Combination of Fabulous mood & schlechte Weather

February 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

This morning was great. I allowed myself to sleep today until.. oh my..3rd lesson 😀 I went to english class and ethics only.. So I`m fresh and new for the rest of the day  – this will be needed to sewing!

Concentration, Providence & Attention!

This is my In&Out outfits for today >>>


Have a great day,


Ohh, And of course, for the better mood, I`ll upload some ‘No Concious of Fashion’ photos that I`ve found& made.

Fact: She`s wearing all light camel clothes. They are.. long neck shimmy, with long cardigan. This all wouldn`t be so shocking unless – shoes. Are you kidding me?

Same girl on the spotlight – Amazing shoes, don`t you think? Else is almost good, – bag, scarf. BUt..that silouete, she shouldn`t be wearing all that tight black material..

…and Uggs. Girls, what are you thinking about when wearing uggs in this kind of weather – rainy and wet. Shoes are looking sooo damn BAD!

That`s all for now, stay tuned! ;**





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