February 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Finally – I`m blogging about today 😀 Sorry.. for.. uh, nevermind.

Today @deutch lesson we were lerning how to say what we are angry for/excited for.. And.. I had been written a sentence, what I`m angry for.. but unexpectedly teeacher asked, why I am happy/excited for.. I coulnd`t say a word, I said I don`t know.. Realy? I have sooo many thing to be happy for..but I couldn`t say a word.. uuh, weird.

Anyway.. After school I had a wonderful day- went to the material store, bought SOMETHING & came back to star – I`ll give you a Clue- what would that be.. even, NO. Just a thread colour –

In the metter of fact, today was not so cold, I even draw out my short coat. –


And the further photos will be of my newest jacket – It`s like from the music video of  “What`s Her Name” by  Rihanna & Drake.



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