Cherry Cherry BumBum..

January 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Owwwh.. I can not bring myself together – My mind is sooo  depressed – Is it because we don`t see Sun a lot`s just a state of mind  ?-I`m feeling just BLOCKED from the world. It`s like- no feelings no desires.. No joy for life- no excitment. Or is it because I`m tired from.. unhealthy living (nevertheless I don`t live very unhealthy one.. ) and stay up late at weekends and without restting all week? I don`t know, but I have a Dream. (And acctually, I had a dream that I dreamt about swimming on the inflatable wheel dragging by the yacht (as we did this when we were in Spain last year-)

It was sooo much fun!! I`m just praying for summer.. I feel that I`m in depression.. even because I desire to travel, to experience new feelings  -walkig along unknown streets in defferent cities. –

And.. I want new swimwear!

These ones are from

Anyway- I should go rest a bit- And don`t go to that B-Day party..nonon..- Enough of parties this weekend..



dream on!


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