Today was Shopping day

January 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Once in a while when I go to stores to check out what`s new, I almost always was being left dissapointed… This time isn`t a exception. Though, I`ve managed to find something to fulfil my shopping spunk. ;D So, I`ve tried one boots/heels from Zara – but they didn`t fit me.. -too small, though very beautiful


Aah, anyway – I`ve bought 2 shirts –

one for wearing next to skirts –

From Mango


And one for wearing with Jeans!

From Zara.

Both of them are light colours- I like it. But the best thing is – I avoided white colour – Yess!! I don`t like it, and those are like cream colours, not white. haa..

But I have had a terrible disaster. My Burberry Jeans` zipper had broke down.. And I`m very upset. I hope I`ll fix it.. or..someone with more expierence will..

Anyway – enough of pesimistic stuff- I`m going to read magazine and warm a bit with that Choco moka!

Xx, L.


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