Feeling Desperate..

January 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

I`ve just finished a black pencil skirt.. And in the end, while sewing tha last thing – needleworked label L.KLY, -gold leters on black bandeau, I got me thinking.. about money.. What will it be to make my own money for living. Like- with no help like right now. No alimony..even they`re late for 10days.. Oh wow, how much people work just to get through.. Life shouldn`t be so hard..;/ It`s sooo frustrating when it comes time to think all about that… All that words – “Ooh, it`s tough..money isn`t at the best right now” and stuff.. Oh my…people don`t deserve to live like this! I can`t propose any method to avoid it.. but…Oh, I don`t know.. I hate & at the same time, love money..

I don`t realy know..

Is  money keeps Us happy?


..no. Oh, yes!  Usually, things makes Us feel happy- And for that things- we need money



Xx, L.



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