Music Reflexs Our.. Day!

January 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

This is My Non- digital Music Library!

Today was all about music reflectnig our mood/feeling.. We drove to flee market with something fun-crazy-minimal. After flee market we felt awful in the meaning of weariness.. And then music was like.. so strange, it felt like music is tired ;D Ha.. yes.. something like that.. like.. mindless non-sence fitful bumbs thunds were somewhere in the space..anyway  -After we ate @aaaamazing place called Zoey` (photos)


Cousin`s Banana Milkshake

Crème brûlée!

& another meal I was eating- Cezar Salads. Unreal!

… as I was saying -we`ve heard music when it turned into a playful Jazz rythms.. That was it – We called it ‘end of a Sunday’. Like- happy ending.. . . ;;;



This is my outfit from Saturday!

And this one.. is From today – I don`t know why, but second time I was wearing Red to the flee market  -and feeling good!


-And Bronx (grey) Boots!



this photo is taken by my man!! I couldn`t find the perfect corner to capture the deliciousness – He did it. -Our Saturday`s Breakfast! ***




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